Simbang Gabi– Christmas preparation masses

simbang-gabi-2016Simbang Gabi is a traditional novena (9 masses) celebrated in the Philippines to prepare for Christmas. The Simbang Gabi Commissioning Mass will take place on Tuesday, December 6, 2016, 7:30pm at the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption (see flyer). The novena will be at 7:00pm, from Thursday, December 15th through Wednesday, December 23rd at St. Anne. Read more about Simbang Gabi here.

Carpet replacement update

I’ve been told that our carpet is about 12 years old (probably from the time of the Church’s 100th anniversary) during the time of Fr. Ed Dura as Pastor. Regardless of its exact age, our carpet is worn and in need of replacement. Encouraged by a couple of generous donors, we have the option to replace it before Christmas with a medium quality carpet at about $27K that should last about 15-20yrs. However it will begin to show wear and tear at about 12-15yrs. A more expensive carpet, made of wool, at about $50K is expected to last about 40-50yrs, but still looking new after 20-25 years. However, this special carpet will need to be made and won’t be available until around Easter. If you were to choose, which would you choose? We’ll be discussing this with the Finance Committee but I’m interested in your input. In the meanwhile, if you’d like to make a contribution to the Carpet replacement, please make a check payable to St. Anne Church and include in the memo line, “Carpet.” Thank you! –Fr. Dan

Free help with Advent journey via email

To help us in this journey of Advent, to help us keep the right priorities and our eyes on the Lord, Dynamic Catholic is offering a free service to help us prepare for Christmas well. Beginning on Sun., Nov 27 and continuing every day until Dec 26, they’ll send us through email, short inspirational videos, practical tips, or free Christmas music that will help us slow down during the busy Christmas season and focus on what’s really important. To sign up for this free email service, go to: Or Google search “Best Advent Ever.”