End of Year Charitable Giving

As the year ends, if you are inclined to make charitable donations, please consider the following:

Make an online donation to St. Anne of the Sunset Church

St. Anne School is embarking on a Archdiocese-mandated seismic retrofit project at a cost estimate of 3 million dollars. Make an online donation to St. Anne School

2017 offertory envelopes

Are You Looking for Your Offertory Envelopes for 2017? In past years, in order to save on postage, in December we have put all the new year’s offertory envelopes on tables in the vestibule for you to pick up when you come to Mass. But as you may have noticed, quite a number of people never picked up their envelopes, either because they had moved out of the parish or because they preferred not to have them anymore. So this year they will be mailed to you every month. This is an option that we think will ultimately save us money. First of all, it is not that expensive. Secondly, we will learn if the person is no longer in the parish or no longer wishes to receive envelopes. This will enable us to keep from ordering more envelopes than are needed and to maintain a more accurate list of active parishioners and so save us on other mailings.

Missal donors, thank you!

Once again we were able to cover the cost of our new missals because of your generosity. In the past, we have pasted a list of those donors (and the people in whose memory or honor the donation was made) to the back of each missal. This year we thought we would post the lists at key places around the church.