Sacramental preparation

Baptism (for Infants and Children)

We’re happy to celebrate your child’s initiation into the faith at St. Anne. We normally celebrate the Sacrament of Baptism on the 2nd Saturday (except during Lent) at 12:30 pm. To prepare for your child’s baptism, the parish has a sacramental preparation class for parents and godparents. The class is usually held on the 3rd Saturday of each month from 10am – 11:30am. Please complete the application and contact the Rectory at 415-665-1600 x 22 to register for that class or for scheduling a baptism.

Baptism (for Adults)

For adults interested in exploring the Catholic faith, the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) is a program that introduces what the Church teaches and believes. After a basic introduction for inquirers, which typically begins in September, the program explores in greater depth what it means to be Catholic. Those who wish to learn more can continue and for those ready to become Catholics, they enter into a deeper preparation through prayer and self-examination during Lent. For those who desire to embrace the Catholic faith, they are either baptized or received into the Church (if they have already been baptized in a different Christian tradition). To learn more, please contact Ken DelPonte at 415-902-2040 or at

First Communion & Confirmation

_mg_6113We currently have a Religious Education program for public school children. If you would like more information, or if you would like to register your child for Religious Education, please contact Ms. Rachel Gee at 415-665-1600 x 38 or


If you are considering marriage at St. Anne, we would first like to congratulate you on your engagement. Marriage is a beautiful display of your love for each other and we are privileged to celebrate your special love in our Church. To prepare for your special day, the Church has a marriage preparation program designed to help you know yourself and each other better, to increase your chance for a successful marriage. Please call the parish at least 6 months in advance, not only to reserve your wedding date, but also so that the priest can help you begin your process. See Marriage Preparation Guidelines.

Here are PDF forms, which can  be completed most easily on a mobile device,  tablet, or computer using Adobe Acrobat Reader . When a PDF form isn’t specifically fill-able, with highlighted text fields, you can still fill the fields in using the fill form tool or text tool . Sign by clicking on the fountain pen icon to add a signature:

Please call St. Anne’s Rectory at 415-665-1600 x23 to reserve a date and to schedule a meeting with a priest who will prepare you for this special sacrament.

Anointing of the Sick

If you are not feeling well, or if you know someone who is seriously ill, or who will be having surgery, or who will be going into labor, the Church has a special sacrament to help us during those moments. Some have known it in the past as Extreme Unction, and it was thought to be used only when someone is near death. This sacrament is still used for the dying, but it is also for the living, so that we do not lose faith nor hope in those difficult moments. It was Jesus who taught us to pray for each other and for the sick, so don’t hesitate to call one of the priests to celebrate this sacrament for you or a loved one. During office hours (M-F, 9:00am – 4:30pm), a priest can be reached at the rectory at 415-665-1600 x 22. But if you need a priest after office hours, he can be reached at 415-866-6455.

House/Car Blessing

If you’ve recently moved into a new residence or have bought a new/used car and would like to have it blessed, please call us at 415-665-1600 x 22 and a priest would be happy to bless your home or your car. Exorcisms, however, require someone with special training but we can put you in touch with one, if needed (ha ha).