Health Ministry Team

If you are in good health, would you consider serving in the Health Ministry Team of our Parish? Duties include:

  • Greeting parishioners and checking their temperature as they arrive at Church.
  •  Assisting them with filling out the Contact Tracing & Consent Form.
  • Answering any questions they may have.
  • Helping to sanitize the pews and commonly touched surfaces after mass.

When: 30 minutes before and after weekend masses,
Sat., 5pm vigil; Sun., 8am & 10am
Training: Sat., June 20 @ 10am at the Church
(enter thru the 14th Avenue side door)
For more information, contact:
Mary Huynh-De La O,
Fr. Dan Nascimento,, 415-665-1600 x 24

See flyer

Health update from the Archdiocese


…there will be no public celebration of Mass.

…people must keep the Lord’s Day holy in other ways, at home.

To the extent possible, churches will remain open during the day so that our people may have the solace of prayer in a sacred space…

Weddings and funerals should be postponed to the extent possible. Parents presenting their children for baptism should arrange with their pastor how best to accommodate the celebration of this life-giving sacrament