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  • Why Boys Should Have Libraries
    I am blessed to be the priest of a parish school, and one of the most delightful aspects is getting to visit each classroom every week, from kindergarten to eighth grade. I pray with the students, provide pastoral care, and answer their questions. One of our students, a young seventh-grader… Read more »
  • Five Ways St. Joseph Can Help Your Lent
    On the feast of St. Joseph, Br. Joseph Martin Hagan, O.P. offers five ways the earthly father of Christ can help us this Lent. Read more »
  • Why You Should Take Pascal’s Wager
    There are many forms of Pascal’s Wager, but the best form, I believe, can be stated like this: If you think there is (at least) a 50% chance of Christianity being true, then you should commit to a deeply religious life. The reason for this is simple to understand: You… Read more »
  • How to Help Your Parish Become a Disciple-Making Factory
      Most parishes wish they were better at evangelizing and making disciples. They wish they could help parishioners become more ardent, committed followers of Christ who are excited to share their faith with others. But how do we get there? Marcel LeJeune, President and Founder of Catholic Missionary Disciples, has… Read more »

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